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We are very excited about the teachers that are coming to Birmingham for The Bounce.

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Tatiana Udry

Once we started putting ‘The Bounce’ together, I thought an Authentic Jazz track would be an exciting addition to the schedule. I asked Sarah, who loves Jazz and Solo Charleston, who we might approach to anchor such a track, and I found myself sprayed with cold milk and Fruit Loops as she spat out TATIANA! TATIANA!!

So, after cleaning myself up, I approached Tatiana Udry.

Tatiana Udry is from Montpellier, France. She did ballet during 12 years before she started to dance linty hop, and charleston. She has won numerous competitions in Lindy Hop (with JB MINO), Jack & Jill, Solo charleston and Solo blues (1st at ESDC 2013) as well as in the Team Division. She teaches Lindy Hop, Partner and Solo Charleston and impress with the easiness of her moves, and her craziness!

Katja Završnik

Katja Završnik (formerly Hrastar) is one of the most beloved dancers on the international swing circuit and one that we have had the pleasure of working with a number of times while we were based in Galway. Katja is a dance junkie and has been dancing a number of different styles, including Ballet, Jazz, Ballroom and Acrobatic Rock and Roll since the age of five.

Currently living in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Katja travels doing special weekend workshops and festivals. In the past 8 years she has taught and performed all over Europe, Asia and the USA. Style, subtlety and finesse are her hallmarks and to dance with her is an absolute joy.

Felix Berghäll

Finding a top quality international Lindy Hop instructor can be a challenging exercise, but when we approached a number of highly respected instructors and scene leaders one name kept coming up over and over again….. Felix Berghall (would have been pretty anti-climatic had I said someone else).

The Swedish competition scene has thrown up a number of top level dancers over the years, and Felix is no exception. Starting at the age of nine, Felix quickly found himself immersed in the Boogie Woogie scene and has since then never stopped dancing or competing.

Felix’s teaching focuses on getting every dancer to get to understand themselves better. As a strong believer of the word “Individuality” he believes that by practicing your own movement you can achieve great things and connect with someone and express pure happiness.

Scott Cupit and Jenny Thomas

At Swing Express (our dance school) we’re all about scene building, so when it comes to putting on an event and inviting instructors to visit our home scene, who better to bring in than the larger than life Scott Cupit. Scott began his Swing Dancing career in Melbourne when he started the immensely popular Swing Patrol with his business partner Claudia Funder.

Having taught for nearly two decades, Scott has quite literally touched the lives of thousands of swing dancers (I myself started swing dancing with Swing Patrol Melbourne back in 2001) and in 2009 moved across the world to start up Swing Patrol London.

Scott gained global attention teaching a swing dance class on the plinth in Trafalgar Square in 2009 and still teaches regular weekly classes as well as being invited to travel and teach at events both abroad and around the UK (such as the Birmingham Bounce)!

After all he has done and achieved, Scott still maintains that he has the best job in the world.

Jenny Thomas began Lindy Hopping 24 years ago in Anthony Van Laast’s show ‘Souls In Motion’ where she joined Ryan Francois’ dance company Zoots and Spangles. In the years since Jenny has travelled the world teaching Master Classes, sharing her extensive knowledge of dance technique and exposing countless people to her love and passion for dance.

Jenny has performed on some of the most prestigious stages in the world – The London Palladium, Royal Opera House, Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, The West End and Broadway. She has even performed at Buckingham Palace with the boys from Tap Dogs which lead to a collaboration with Paul Robinson, Dougie Mills and Joanna Goodwin creating The Tap Team, which gave regular classes at London’s Pineapple Studios.

Now often seen on television, regularly appearing as a guest instructor and performer on shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, So You Think You Can Dance and USA’s Dancing With The Stars (among other appearances), Jenny is unarguably a legend in the swing dancing community and one of our most loved instructor

Paul & Sarah Neary

Oooh! That’s us! Well, we’re not crazy. We get that your not coming to Birmingham to take a Paul and Sarah Masterclass, but you know what, we bet we can stil show you a great time. Between the two of us, myself and Sarah have over 20 years experience teaching various swing dancing disciplines (but Lindy is our true love).

Paul (that’s me!). Well, I’ve enjoyed sharing my love of swing dancing with thousands of dancers around the world. As a student at the now internationally renowned Swing Patrol in Melbourne, Australia, I was pretty well obsessed with swing dancing from the outset (I bet there’s plenty of you  that can relate). After a successful stint competing and performing in Australia, I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2002 where I co-founded ‘Swing Out Scotland’. From there it was off to Ireland in 2003, the result being Galway Swing (my pride and joy), a successful and on-going swing dancing school. Galway Swing became known as the little school that did great things, and I honestly can’t wait to repeat that with Swing Express.

I have vast amounts of experience teaching, competing and performing, and with a motto that simply translates as ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ I do believe you’ll enjoy our time together.

Sarah (that’s the missus) is admired by all who know her for her talent, hard work and dedication. She has successfully competed at multiple swing dancing events as both a lead and a follow, displaying great versatility and understanding of her craft. Sarah also founded Galway Swing’s all-girl dance troupe, The Dipsy Doodles, a love affair so deep that she even had the troupe name emblazoned on her wedding shoes. Like Paul, Sarah has had the opportunity to teach dancers around the world and is constantly looking for new ways to improve not only her own dancing, but also the dancing of those around her. Sarah is the energizer bunny that keeps me working hard, and it is with her commitment and encouragement that we enjoy our dance through life.

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