This is super exciting! We are delighted to be bringing you an amazing night of social dancing and competitions on Friday 24th March to kick off our first ever ‘Bounce’. The competition will run in 4 categories (see descriptions below), and we encourage everybody to give it a go.

Swing Dance Champs @ The Bounce

Venus Birmingham Bounce Jenny Thomas

Our Friday night social will feature some fun competitions to kick off the weekend. If you would like to enter any of these events please email with the details requested below: 

Jack and Jill: Email with both yourself and a partner’s name (so we can keep numbers even, it will still be random partners on the night). If you can’t find a partner to enter with then please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Strictly Lindy: Email with both yourself and your partner’s name.

Solo Charleston: Entrants name only


Jack and Jill

A staple of any swing dance championships. A Jack and Jill competition is one where you don’t know who your partner will be. It’s very much luck of the draw, and a true test of your ability to connect with your partner in a lead/follow relationship.

Strictly Lindy

A straight shoot-out between swing dancing couples. Enter with a partner and test your skills against other couples.

Solo Charleston

It’s solo! It’s Charleston! Bust out your best Charleston moves from the 1920s and 1930s. The zanier the better!!

All-in Showcase

An exciting division for singles, couples or teams. Choreograph your own dance to your own music. Swing-style music and dance is expected, but otherwise you’re free to put as much showmanship and musicality as you please.


Registrations for The Bounce will open Summer ’16 – to be the first to know all our latest news sign up to our newsletter below and follow us on Facebook!

Swing Dance Champs at The Bounce

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