Advance registrations have now closed but if you would like to join us for social dancing there will be tickets available on the door!

Workshop Tracks at The Bounce

We are pleased to offer a variety of different workshop track options. Please read the descriptions carefully to see which option suits you best. Please be aware that numbers will be limited based on lead / follow ratio as well as ensuring plenty of space for those taking part in the workshops.

We are also offering some fantastic early bird deals, so be sure to check out the registration page to take advantage and get more bang for your buck! Registration opens Saturday August 6th at 12pm.


Our beginners stream will be a one day stream held on Sunday 26th only. This stream will afford newer dancers an opportunity to take workshops in both Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz. Dancers in the Beginners stream will be relatively new dancers with some experience in Lindy Hop and Charleston. You have probably done some social dancing, but struggle at high tempos. Due to the fact that the Beginners stream is one day only dancers can take this stream at a reduced rate. Registration in this stream also includes access to all social dances across the weekend.


Dancers in the Intermediate Lindy Hop stream will be well equipped with knowledge on Lindy Hop and Charleston. Intermediate dancers should be regular social dancers and have probably taken other swing weekenders in the past. You are comfortable with changing tempos, transitioning between six and eight count, and dancing to different styles of swing music. Body movement, styling and musicality are the areas you wish to improve at this level.

LINDY HOP ADVANCED (Early Bird £100)

Cream of the crop. Dancers in the Advanced Lindy Hop stream are the scene leaders – those that newer dancers look up to. You are, or at least aspire to be, the teachers, performers and competitors of the swing dancing community. When the call goes out for dancers, you answer. You understand your own dancing and the areas you need to improve. At this level you are looking to both fine tune your own dancing as well as developing new ideas to inspire others.


This stream is geared toward those looking both to clean up their current skills as well as adding some spice to their solo dancing. You are likely, or at least hoping to be, a performer or competitor in Jazz and Solo Charleston competitions and events. You have moved on from choreographies such as the Tranky Do, and are possibly working on your own routines either as an individual or part of a troupe or team. You should be reasonably fit and prepared to work hard.


We are able to offer limited spaces for a mixed track consistng of both Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz workshops. You may choose either Intermediate or Advanced workshops but levels can’t be mixed ie there is no provision to do a stream of Advanced Lindy Hop and Intermediate Jazz. The level you choose is the level you will stick with for both dance styles. Please read the level descriptions carefully to ensure that you sign up for workshops appropriate to your skill and experience.

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